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Autonomous Robot Plays Rock Band on iPhone

Someone built an Arduino-powered autonomous robot built using random electronic parts and fixed it on a modified Pelican case with a lot of hot glue. The robot can play pretty well, hitting above 80%.

Nokia 5800

As Nokia‘s first S60 Touch phone, on the whole the quality of 5800 compared to the past, is now getting better and better, the price is getting lower and lower, 5800xm the fifth edition of the built-in SymbianV9.4S60 interface design become more humane, and the V3.2 interface is completely different, in order to meet the [...]

Nokia N97

N97 is Nokia‘s second implementation of touch S60 mobile phone operating system, compared with before the trial in terms of water 5800XM ingredients, N97 Nokia be considered a genuine all-out touch-tone phone, software and hardware are all rated on top.

Samsung 30-inch AMOLED TV with 3D picture (stereoscopic) and full HD resolution

Samsung has come out with a new 30-inch AMOLED TV at the FPD 2009. This display has been claimed as the world’s first 30-inch AMOLED TV that supports 3D picture (stereoscopic) and full HD resolution. It measures only at 2.5mm thin and it is powered by Samsung’s patented Simultaneous Emission with Active Voltage (SEAV) technology [...]

More on the DROID: thoughts from the rest of Engadget

Somewhat unusually, Verizon and Motorola actually gave us four DROID review units to play with — and while Paul, Nilay, and Chris all contributed to Josh’s official Engadget review, there were definitely some different perspectives (and dissenting opinions) amongst the team. Rather than try to squeeze everything together into one jumbled whole, we thought we’d [...]

U-Button Iron

When we iron clothes, sometime the buttons just block the way. Designer Jun-kyo Lee and Jin-young Yoon has come out with a U-Button Iron. Hit the special button, the tip retracts to reveal a U that slides under the button to give you a fully ironed shirt. Video after the break.