Cyanogen squeezes Android 2.2 Froyo into G1, MyTouch 3G

Earlier this evening, we took the plunge — now, we’re rocking Froyo on our old-and-busted T-Mobile G1. That’s because Cyanogen’s team of ROM hackers has come through once again for the little handset that could, serving early adopters with HTC Dream and Magic phones (as well as the Nexus One) with the first fully-functioning, stable build of CyanogenMod 6. Based on Google’s famous frozen yogurt , the release candidate’s got more fabulous tweaks than you can shake a stick at, but sadly doesn’t seem to include Flash 10.1 , and though WiFi and the camera are working great (as well as SurfaceFlinger and Chrome to Phone ) many would-be shoppers in the Android Market are finding themselves faced with the dreaded force close

Tesla planting electric engines into two Toyota prototype bodies

Word on the street had it that Tesla’s $50 million deal with Toyota wasn’t formal back in late May, but evidently things have made positive progress since. According to a new (though admittedly brief) report over at CNN , Toyota is currently working with the electric automaker on a pair of prototype vehicles

AT&T handing out free 3G MicroCells to loyal customers?

While we’ve no clue how widespread AT&T’s generosity is, or how you might get one, it appears that the company’s “most valuable customers” are now receiving free range-boosting femtocells .

RIM’s Blackberry Tablet might be seven inches, feature dual cameras and 1GHz CPU?

The rumor mill’s been churning out quite the picture of RIM’s Blackberry tablet over the past several months, and it’s a research analyst who’s most recently picked up the brush — Ashok Kumar of Rodman & Renshaw, to be precise, who anticipates a 7-inch touchscreen device with a 1GHz processor, plus front- and back-facing cameras for video chat. Since that’s a good 1.9 inches smaller than the slate rumored a couple months back, this latest spiel fills us with doubt… but hey, it’s not like we had confirmation that RIM was even producing such a device, anyhow.

HTC Aria update for AT&T enables mobile hotspot, sideloaded app support (update: disappointment)

Well, this is genuinely awesome: it seems AT&T is pulling back from its ban on third-party sideloaded apps on its Android devices, because HTC has just released an Aria update that enables them (either that or HTC just went rogue here, but we highly doubt it).

Exclusive: Motorola WX445 leaked, offers low-end Android for Verizon

So this little number just rolled into our tips inbox — and at a glance, it appears to be the anti- Droid X , if that makes any sense.