Microsoft says 74 percent of work PCs still use Windows XP, extends downgrade rights until 2020

The latest Microsoft operating system may be selling seven copies a second , but it’s no match for the behemoth Windows XP, still the most popular OS in the world despite recent nefarious attempts (we kid) to invoke spontaneous shutdowns , slow hard drives and trigger blue screens . In fact, a Microsoft exec admitted today that practically three-quarters of business computers still run the nine-year-old OS on hardware averaging 4.4 years old, and Computerworld ‘s now reporting Microsoft will extend XP’s lifespan through 2020 (you read that right) as a result.

Google’s Larry Page: Steve Jobs is ‘rewriting history’ by saying Android came after the iPhone

Steve Jobs might have thought he was lightly playing down reports that the Apple / Google rivalry had dramatically changed when he said ” they decided to compete with us — we didn’t go into the search business” at D8 , but it appears that his phrasing didn’t sit so well with Larry Page, who told Reuters yesterday that Jobs was doing a “little bit of rewriting history,” and that the “characterization of us entering [the phone market] after is not really reasonable.” Page, who was being interviewed alongside Eric Schmidt, also said that Google had been working on Android for “a very long time” and that the goal was always to develop phones with solid browsers to fill a market void. That’s true, of course — Google purchased Andy Rubin’s Android, Inc

Cathay Pacific bringing 50Mbps WiFi, live TV and in-flight calling to fleet

Mmm… we like where this is headed . While legacy airlines in America are struggling to outfit their fleets with in-flight WiFi alone, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways is showing ‘em how it’s done

Samsung Intercept is up for pre-order, might launch this weekend

Sure, the Epic 4G seems awesome — but that doesn’t mean Sprint can (or should) abandon the midrange Android market, right?

Twitter for BlackBerry shakes the beta label

Though RIM’s official Twitter client for BlackBerry devices has been slinking around in public beta form for a solid three months now, we understand — not everyone is okay using software that’s rough around the edges.

JFE Engineering’s quick auto charger does 50% charge in three minutes, hits parking lots in March

While range is an unfortunate limiting factor for electric vehicles , slow recharging time is perhaps even more troubling. Going 100 miles on a charge would be okay if you could stop at the corner electron stand and top up your cells while hitting the potty, and JFE Engineering’s quick charger gets makes that a reality, able to charge an EV’s batteries to 50 percent in just three minutes. Five minutes gets you a 70 percent charge, but from there things go downhill, with 30 minutes required for an 80 percent charge.