Google Chrome gets some early device orientation ‘plumbing’

We remember well the first time we managed to put an accelerometer in our possession to good use: back when the MacBook Pros started shipping with them as sudden motion sensors to protect the hard drive, someone hooked up some light saber noises to the tilt motion. A few months later we were pretending to make light saber noises with the Wii, and then the iPhone came along and democratized the accelerometer-based light saber noise for all of humanity. Next up?

Chromium OS lands on the Archos 9, doesn’t do much

Trying to satisfy that browser-only touchscreen tablet urge?

Chromium OS gets unofficial 64-bit port

64-bit support for an OS designed primarily for low-powered netbooks may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but it looks like those hoping to crank Chrome OS up a notch are now finally in luck. While it’s of course still completely unofficial, and pre-alpha, the OS is now available in a 64-bit port called ChromiumOS64, which even includes niceties like Xen virtualization support and a relatively modest 1GB download size.