Android App Inventor lets you be the developer (video)

Google is following in Nokia’s footsteps today by offering its users a simple-to-use DIY app maker. Employing a design scheme that relies on visual blocks rather than oodles of arcane code, the App Inventor — still in Beta, of course — has functions for “just about anything” you can do with an Android handset, including access to GPS and phone functionality

Entelligence: Time for Microsoft to once again embrace and extend

Entelligence is a column by technology strategist and author Michael Gartenberg, a man whose desire for a delicious cup of coffee and a quality New York bagel is dwarfed only by his passion for tech. In these articles, he’ll explore where our industry is and where it’s going — on both micro and macro levels — with the unique wit and insight only he can provide. A core part of Microsoft’s strategy from days gone by was known as embrace and extend.

Google Open Spot alerts Android users to freed parking spaces

Oh, sure — this has certainly been tried before , but given that things like this need a critical mass of followers to be effective, we’re particularly jazzed about Google ‘s own initiative. Dubbed ‘Open Spot,’ this bloody brilliant Android (2.0 and up) application enables motorists to search for unclaimed spaces that have been reported by other Open Spot users, and once they head elsewhere, it allows them to mark their spot as open and available.

Cyanogen squeezes Android 2.2 Froyo into G1, MyTouch 3G

Earlier this evening, we took the plunge — now, we’re rocking Froyo on our old-and-busted T-Mobile G1. That’s because Cyanogen’s team of ROM hackers has come through once again for the little handset that could, serving early adopters with HTC Dream and Magic phones (as well as the Nexus One) with the first fully-functioning, stable build of CyanogenMod 6. Based on Google’s famous frozen yogurt , the release candidate’s got more fabulous tweaks than you can shake a stick at, but sadly doesn’t seem to include Flash 10.1 , and though WiFi and the camera are working great (as well as SurfaceFlinger and Chrome to Phone ) many would-be shoppers in the Android Market are finding themselves faced with the dreaded force close

Have your Droid X already? Verizon figured out how to activate it

Word on the street is that only 170 Droid X handsets have leaked out from the mothership so far, but in the off chance you’re in that elite group of early early adopters, it seems Verizon has cured a snag that was preventing you from activating the phone on its network. As of Friday afternoon, it’s said that “system provisions were put in place” to allow the beasts to be used the way Motorola intended, so go forth and put that crusty old V3m out of its misery

HTC Aria update for AT&T enables mobile hotspot, sideloaded app support (update: disappointment)

Well, this is genuinely awesome: it seems AT&T is pulling back from its ban on third-party sideloaded apps on its Android devices, because HTC has just released an Aria update that enables them (either that or HTC just went rogue here, but we highly doubt it).