LG Display and iriver enter joint venture to make e-book readers pretty, affordable

Well what do you know, turns out the LB4400 was a harbinger of things to come. LG Display and iriver just announced a $5M joint venture to manufacture e-book readers. The new China-based company, L&I Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Ltd, sees iriver doing the platform development and product design (thank gawd) while LG provides the EPD displays

ASUS Eee Tablet preview

Alright, stick with us here. For some reason, ASUS decided it best to name its freshest e-reader the Eee Tablet , while its downright magical tablet goes by Eee Pad . Got all that?

ASUS Eee Tablet: a notepad with impressive 2450 (?) dpi touchscreen

Don’t call it the Eee Pad , this is ASUS’ Eee Tablet — a digital notebook with a 2,450 dpi touchscreen and lickity quick 0.1 second page turns on a backlight-less TFT-LCD offering 64-levels of grey.

Pandigital Novel e-reader / handheld hits the FCC

Pandigital’s already manage to at least pique our interest with its Android-based Novel e-reader / handheld, and it looks like the device has now reached one more milestone on the road to availability — it’s just turned up at the FCC. As you can see, the particular device undergoing testing is black (not white as the final version will apparently be), and the FCC unfortunately doesn’t give us much of a look of that bright 7-inch LCD in the on position

Barnes & Noble Nook gaming and web browsing impressions

Playing some Sudoku and reading Engadget on our Nook ?

Spring Design Alex review

We realize that the e-reader market is about as crowded (not to mention overwhelming) as a Walmart on Black Friday , but ever since the dual-screen Spring Design Alex surfaced and we mistook it as the Barnes & Noble Nook, we’ve been incredibly intrigued by it. Though its 6-inch E-Ink display and 3.5-inch Android LCD form factor may seem like a riff on the Nook, the Alex has quite a few more tricks up its sleeve, including a full Android browser and the ability to extend what appears on the LCD to the E-Ink screen.