USB typewriter goes ‘clackity clackity clack DING’ (video)

You can keep your Optimus and Das Keyboard clickers: nothing compares to the pure, physical, carpal tunnel-inducing feel of a manual typewriter. If you want to bring that feel to your new-age gadget, Jack Zylkin can deliver it, able to convert your Royal Standard to USB standard, and plenty of other brands too. The system works by having the keys strike a board and create a circuit which is then piped out of a ubiquitous A-Type connector

Guitar picks crafted from old circuit boards spark binary solo revolution

As the great Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement would say: 0, 001, 001! Come on sucker, lick my battery! We’re no experts on translating binary rock ‘n roll into modern day English (or Russian, for that matter), but we’re guessing that the boys from New Zealand would most certainly approve of a guitar pick crafted from recycled motherboards. Etsy member TheBlueKraken seems capable of churning these guys (and many other wares) out in almost any hue of PCB, and at just $7 or $8 apiece, they’re hardly a rip off. In fact, we’d wager that these are pretty much the most awesome stocking stuffers of all time.

Chumbophone proves that even Chumby can go retro (and like it)

For the seasoned DIYer, there’s hardly anything that can’t be done with a set of Chumby Guts .