NZXT’s Sentry LXE touchscreen fan controller turns you into Storm, minus the cheese

We know, you’re probably scoffing at those mortals still using “fans” to “cool their gaming rigs,” but unless you’ve thrown down the cheddar on a swank liquid cooling solution, you’ll probably find yourself at least mildly interested here. NZXT has taken a break from the mice and keyboard routine to break out a rather unique piece of kit in the Sentry LXE. This touchscreen fan controller connects to one’s desktop via PCIe, and from there provides finger control of up to five internal fans.

iPad arcade cabinet brings April Fools’ joke to life (video)

Nope, this isn’t the first iPad mod you’ll have seen, but it’s likely to be the biggest crowd pleaser yet. Inspired by the iCade cabinet — an April Fools’ joke that had most of us asking where we could buy one — this really real arcade cabinet integrates Apple’s slate, hooks it up to a set of old school controls, and lets users go to town with such old timer classics as Mr. Do! It’s still in prototype form, hence the boxy exterior, but the action on screen is looking as good as you’d expect

Sapphire makes multi-monitor 3D gaming a reality with a single video card

Multi-monitor gaming is hardly uncommon these days, but 3D gaming on the PC is, well, decidedly less common. Perhaps it will be the merging of the two immersive approaches that finally gets 3D going on the PC, and Sapphire is showing that it’s possible

Gyroscope gunning on the iPhone 4 with Eliminate: Gun Range (video)

We’d heard earlier that ngmoco’s new game Eliminate: Gun Range was one of the first apps to really take advantage of the iPhone 4 ‘s gyroscope, and now that we’ve had a chance to play with it, we’ve got say there’s a ton of potential here.

Tron gaming peripherals soothe your nostalgia with calming blue light (video)

We don’t have the foggiest idea whether Tron: Legacy will serve to reboot Disney’s venerable light cycling franchise, but it’s certainly got peripheral vendors in high gear — you’ll be able to hack the ENCOM Digitizing Molecular Laser with a genuine Tron keyboard and mouse or toss virtual light discs with an Tron-themed Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii controller this holiday season. Gaming favorite Razer crafted this $130 laser-etched keyboard with swappable numpad and programmable macros; it will ship alongside a $100, 5600dpi laser mouse in October, and PDP will provide the console controllers for $50 at an unspecified date

GAEMS suitcase is the solution for bad-spelling, frequently-travelling Xbox 360 gamers

Schlepping your Xbox 360 around in your carry-on is a hardly ideal solution for platinum-level frequent fliers.