Psion veteran Charles Davies leaves Nokia for TomTom

Charles Davies might not be as immediately recognizable as some other industry veterans, but anyone that’s been following this business since the early days of PDAs will no doubt be familiar with his work.

Sony Ericsson prepping a 5-inch Android phone with QWERTY keyboard?

Well, this is just great timing . What we’re looking at here is supposedly a Sony Ericsson smartphone, which seems to sport a five-inch screen and a hinged slide-out keyboard like the HTC Shift and the Eking S515

Engadget Podcast 198 – 05.29.2010

How many executives does it take to screw in a light bulb? Fewer than you would think! How many screens do you need to coordinate your digital life with the cloud

Pandora handheld now shipping: first mass-produced unit unboxed, world somehow survives

The open-source Pandora handheld has had a long and arduous time to market, but the days of delay are apparently at an end. You gaze upon the very first Pandora off the assembly line — the fruit of over two years labor — and project leaders are presently shipping out the rest of the first completed batch, with scores if not hundreds already on the way

Engadget Podcast 197 – 05.22.2010

Google may not rule the universe quite yet, but it certainly rules the hearts and minds of the Engadget Podcasteers this week, in one way or another.

Intel promises to bring wireless display technology to other mobile devices

Details are unfortunately light on this one, but Intel has closed out the week with one interesting tidbit of news — it’s apparently planning to bring its wireless display technology (a.k.a. WiDi ) to netbooks, tablets and other mobile devices. That word comes straight from Intel wireless display product manager Kerry Forrell, who says that “we fully expect to take the technology there,” but that he can’t yet provide a specific time frame.