AMD Fusion APU gets its first public demo at Computex (video)

Hey, what do you know — the Fusion lives! AMD’s CPU / GPU hybrid, which sounded so revolutionary back when it was first thought up , has finally shown off its Accelerated Processing grunt by chewing through a section of Aliens vs Predator live on stage at Computex. We can’t say we were exactly bowled over by the performance — the demo was just a leisurely walk through some leafy terrain, yet still seemed to dip below 30 frames a second at a few points, showing that the APU wasn’t all that comfortable handling the DirectX 11 tasks that were put upon it. This chip is targeted at ultraportables, however, and that’s a crowd with distinctly lower standards than your usual desktop gamer, so maybe there’s a future for this 2011-bound slice of silicon after all.

ASUS Eee Pad official: Intel CULV processors, Windows 7, and a 10-hour battery life

Computex is really starting to ramp up now, as ASUS has taken the covers off its brand new Eee Pads .

Engadget Podcast 198 – 05.29.2010

How many executives does it take to screw in a light bulb? Fewer than you would think! How many screens do you need to coordinate your digital life with the cloud

Lenovo kills Skylight OS in favor of Android, U1 Hybrid and Skylight smartbook being shelved

Lenovo’s been awfully quiet about the Skylight smartbook and U1 Hybrid tablet / laptop since it first showed them off at CES, and now we we know why: following weeks of rumors that the custom Linux-based Skylight OS wasn’t up to snuff , the company is killing the project entirely in favor of Android.

Hitachi and LG tease HyDrive: an optical reader with loads of NAND (video)

Want a speedy, drop-proof SSD in your laptop? In all but the largest of ‘em, you’ve got just two choices: pay through the nose for a reasonable amount of storage, or settle for a cheaper boot drive at the expense of capacity

LG flexible display patent application includes fever-dreams of future devices

We’re still a ways out from real-world applications of flexible displays , but LG is preparing for the future: it’s just filed a patent application that details changing a flexible display’s touch sensitivty depending on the state of the display, and it’s included some intriguing drawings of potential devices with the application. Specifically, the patent application includes claims referencing cylindrical, prism, folding, “rolling,” “freestyle,” and “hybrid” body shapes, which all sound pretty intense — especially the hybrid body, which is a “combination of the folding body and rolling body.” Of course, patent applications don’t always turn into granted patents, let alone shipping products, but if you’re in the mood to stare wistfully at line art and dream about the future, the full PDF is at the source link. LG flexible display patent application includes fever-dreams of future devices originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 25 May 2010 19:20:00 EDT