iBuyPower’s Magic makes any game playable through multitouch (video)

So, you just sprung for a multitouch-enabled Battalion CZ-11 , eh? Too bad there’s hardly any software out there for you to take advantage of. Er, was out there

Hands-on with Hulu Plus via Samsung HDTV, iPhone and iPad

After months of speculation the wait is almost over and Hulu Plus is just about upon us . Hulu was nice enough to share an invite with us so we could to try it out — sorry, we don’t have any extras — and we happen to have a Samsung LED LCD TV in the lab to give it a go. And of course, we also tried it the old fashioned way (in the browser) as well as via Hulu Desktop , on the iPhone, and on the iPad — sadly it isn’t live on the Xbox 360 or PS3 yet

Pixel Qi netbook display replacement kit finally on sale

You’ve waited and waited and, let’s face it, waited for this day to arrrive. Now Pixel Qi’s 10.1-inch display is available for DIY types looking to swap out their LCD for a dual-mode reflective Qi display capable of slipping into a power-sipping e-paper mode that’s visible even in direct sunlight. It’s only certified to work with Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10-2 machines but we’re sure you’ll figure out how to slide this pup into the Acer or ASUS netbook of your dreams.

Sprint lines up Epic 4G against the competition, likes its chances

In case you needed any more evidence that Samsung’s Epic 4G for Sprint is probably going to be awesome, you might take a gander at the competitive analysis they’ve prepared against the iPhone 4 , Droid Incredible , and Droid X as an ego-boosting checklist for reps prepping to sell the phone in the coming weeks. The DLNA support trumpeted, but HDMI’s notably missing — something its EVO 4G sibling has — and it’ll be up to customers to decide whether 4-inch Super AMOLED is better than 4.3-inch LCD

Engadget Podcast 202 – 06.26.2010

You know, people loved the last commercial-free Engadget podcast we did, last week. And they said we couldn’t replicate its success for yet another week, so deep in the throes of summer. Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve done it again: a-NOTHER commercial-free rock block of Engadgety bliss: wrapping up the week with a distinct brand of humor, polish, and forward-thinking insight that only the Engadget Podcasters can deliver

HTC running low on AMOLED stock, will add SLCD to the mix for some models

AMOLED displays in phones haven’t necessarily lived up to their promise; they’d been billed as the be-all, end-all answer for clarity, vibrance, and low power consumption, but in reality, the latest and greatest LCDs look just as good, offer similar viewing angles, have little to no impact on battery life, and fare far better in direct sunlight. We’ve been able to confirm this evening that HTC will be adding an additional supplier of displays later this year — Sony — which will be delivering its Super TFT LCD tech as a mobile exclusive (initially, at least) to key HTC handsets, some of which are already in the marketplace.