AT&T stores getting Windows Phone 7 retail materials, launch coming sooner than expected?

Microsoft’s mobile efforts may look like they’re slightly in disarray after the expensive and embarrassing Kin debacle , but it looks like Windows Phone 7 may yet emerge unscathed from the chaos — and potentially even earlier than expected, if this sheet of AT&T retail signage that’s being sent out for a July 24th store overhaul is to be believed.

LG confirms Android tablet for Q4 2010 launch, Froyo for Optimus Z

Now this is jolly good news. LG, which already has a Windows 7 tablet in the works, is gearing up to service those with a hankering for some Android in their slate computers as well.

HannStar Display shells out $30m to settle LCD price fixing case

Another day, another company pleading guilty to their role in a massive global price-fixing conspiracy surrounding the MSRP of LCDs. The Taiwan-based HannStar Display agreed (grudgingly, we surmise) this week to cough up a whopping $30 million for its role in the scheme, marking the seventh company to ” plead or agree to plead guilty as a result of the department’s investigation into the LCD industry.” All told, the US Department of Justice has seen some $890 million paid out and 17 executives charged, with HannStar in particular being pegged for violating the Sherman Act during its participation in the conspiracy from September 2001 to January 2006.

NASA successfully tests autonomous lunar lander navigation system, codename GENIE (video)

Robonaut2 may have fantastic biceps , but raw muscle won’t put a man humanoid on the moon — that takes rockets. Rockets like the one in this RR-1 prototype lander, recently outfitted with a Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment (GENIE) system to let the craft safely descend to the lunar surface. On June 23rd, NASA and partner Armadillo Aerospace put the system to the test, hoping it could figure out the complex algorithms necessary to process volumes of data from the laser altimeter, GPS and inertial sensors, and quickly enough to steer the rocket engine accordingly..

Penguin United’s Eagle Eye brings WASD to your PS3 shooters, disrespect to your enemies (video)

With the PS3′s plethora of USB ports scattered across the front, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer that all shooters on the console would support keyboard and mouse controls to make the FPS purists happy. Sadly that’s not nearly the case, so it’s up to companies like Penguin United (creators of a fine array of silly Wii peripherals) to fill the void.

Rogers announces plans for budget-minded ‘Chatr’ wireless brand

Well, it looks like Canadians will soon have yet another discount wireless brand to consider — Rogers has just officially announced plans to launch a new budget-minded “Chatr” brand to compete with the likes of Wind , Mobilicity and Public Mobile . Yes, that’s the same Rogers that already has the Fido discount brand, but it says that the “launch of a third brand mirrors many other industries like the hospitality and retail sectors and is designed to offer Canadians more choice.” The official announcement follows some rumors and leaks that have been circulating as of late, which suggested that Chatr would initially launch in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver on July 5th, although those details still haven’t yet been confirmed by Rogers.