Hands-on with Hulu Plus via Samsung HDTV, iPhone and iPad

After months of speculation the wait is almost over and Hulu Plus is just about upon us . Hulu was nice enough to share an invite with us so we could to try it out — sorry, we don’t have any extras — and we happen to have a Samsung LED LCD TV in the lab to give it a go. And of course, we also tried it the old fashioned way (in the browser) as well as via Hulu Desktop , on the iPhone, and on the iPad — sadly it isn’t live on the Xbox 360 or PS3 yet

LG Application Store aims to sate WinMo, Android and featurephone users alike

Like a bad perm in the 1980s, you just can’t be hip in the mobile world these days without an app store.

Switched On: Token gestures

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On , a column about consumer technology. In early 2005, even after the launch of the Nintendo DS, Switched On critiqued pen computing , noting that it was too cumbersome and unnatural to become a mainstream input method

HD webcam 3-way shootout: SkypeHD’s best take on Logitech

As we mused when we recently got a chance to try out the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 , it wasn’t long ago that VGA was good enough for online chatting. No more, and with the release of SkypeHD going high-def is easier than ever.

US Cellular adds HTC Desire and BlackBerry Bold in August, teases BlackBerry 9670 for ‘later this year’

We were extremely close to cramping our sarcasm muscle with all the faux excitement we had to drum up for the 3.2-inch Acclaim , but US Cellular has now come back with word that it’ll soon count HTC’s Desire among its roster of phones. The Desire, which is mooted to be coming to other smaller carriers like Cellular South, will debut in August alongside the BlackBerry Bold.

Tron gaming peripherals soothe your nostalgia with calming blue light (video)

We don’t have the foggiest idea whether Tron: Legacy will serve to reboot Disney’s venerable light cycling franchise, but it’s certainly got peripheral vendors in high gear — you’ll be able to hack the ENCOM Digitizing Molecular Laser with a genuine Tron keyboard and mouse or toss virtual light discs with an Tron-themed Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii controller this holiday season. Gaming favorite Razer crafted this $130 laser-etched keyboard with swappable numpad and programmable macros; it will ship alongside a $100, 5600dpi laser mouse in October, and PDP will provide the console controllers for $50 at an unspecified date