Switched On: Token gestures

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On , a column about consumer technology. In early 2005, even after the launch of the Nintendo DS, Switched On critiqued pen computing , noting that it was too cumbersome and unnatural to become a mainstream input method

Nikon rumored to be working on second projector camera with video-in capability

Despite the built-in pico projector and a freakish publicity stunt , Nikon’s Coolpix S1000pj camera hasn’t exactly been flying off the shelves. That said, French magazine Chasseur d’Images — a publication with good track record on product leaks — is reporting that Nikon’s cooking up a second projector camera, and this time it’ll even work as a conventional pico projector for computers. Sounds pretty swank, but according to Nikon Rumors , we’ll have to wait until the first half of August for the next batch of Coolpix cameras to come out

Nintendo 3DS game cart pictured, wireless ebook reader on tap?

It was easy to get lost amidst all the attention surrounding the 3DS itself, but Nintendo also had an actual 3DS game cart on hand at E3 and, well, it looks pretty much like a regular DS cart (probably a good thing, since the two are compatible). About the only difference, it seems, is that small extra tab on the corner, and a slightly slimmer case that they’ll come packaged in. In other overshadowed-by-E3 news, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has apparently told Nikkei that the 3DS’ wireless connection could be used to automatically download newspaper and magazine articles (and books, presumably) which, when combined with the 3DS’ ability to actively seek out and connect to any open WiFi network, could potentially turn into a Whispernet -like service from Nintendo — something that Iwata has, incidentally, publicly mused about in the past.

IBM’s Watson is really smart, will try to prove it on Jeopardy! this fall (video)

As much as we love our Google homepage , computer search remains a pretty rudimentary affair. You punch in keywords and you get only indirect answers in the form of relevant web results. IBM doesn’t seem to be too happy with this situation and has been working for the past three years on perfecting its Watson supercomputer : an array of server racks that’s been endowed with linguistic algorithms allowing it to not only recognize oddly phrased or implicative questions, but to answer them in kind, with direct and accurate responses.

Project Natal game titles outed ahead of E3, ‘about a dozen’ available at launch

Looking for some last-minute Project Natal scoopage before we head into E3 2010?

Dell Streak HDMI dock gets the hands-on treatment, kickstand-equipped case makes a cameo

We managed to get an early look at the HDMI dock for the Dell Streak way back in February courtesy of T3 ‘s Greek site, but the accessory is now finally official (if not widely available), and Laptop Magazine has come through with what appears to be the first proper hands-on. Of course, there’s not exactly a lot to go hands-on with, but it seems that dock does indeed function as a dock, and it also thankfully has a USB port and a line-out in addition to that HDMI port