Samsung quietly expands its 3D Blu-ray player lineup with a few updated models

Don’t be surprised to see a couple of new Samsung Blu-ray players on the shelf at local or online retailers while shopping, as it’s rolling out new 3D capable models in the BD-C5900, BD-C6800 and BD-C7900. The $399 (MSRP) BD-C7900 updates the older BD-C6900 with two HDMI outs, useful for those with an older receiver that isn’t HDMI 1.4 compatible , while the $279 BD-C6800 seems to have all the features of the BD-C6900 except for that porthole on top, and comes in at a lower price

Lockheed Martin, Navy team up to deploy communications buoys for submarines

Lockheed Martin has announced that it’s completed a critical design review for a system that enables submarine communication while below periscope depth. Part of the US Navy’s Communications at Speed and Depth Program, buoys are launched by the sub, which can then connect nearby to military networks or satellites

Britain’s Ministry of Defence unveils unmanned Taranis combat aircraft

Well, it looks like Boeing’s unmanned Phantom Ray stealth aircraft just got a bit of company courtesy of Britain’s Ministry of Defence. It’s now unveiled the BAE-built Taranis, which is not just an unmanned aircraft, but an unmanned combat aircraft that promises to be capable of penetrating enemy territory — as opposed to something like a Predator drone that’s only suitable for use if the airspace is under control. As you might expect, complete details on the aircraft are still being kept under wraps, but the MoD says there’s “more than a million man hours” behind it, and that its first flight trials will begin early next year

Bina48 is one humanoid robot you’re going to want to hang out with

The photo you see above is of Bina48, one of the most advanced humanoid robots around.

GamePark’s GP2X Caanoo handheld hits this August, picks up where the Wiz left off (video)

While we’re not sure just how we missed it, it seems GamePark was at E3 2010 in force, with a brand-new Linux gaming portable called the Caanoo. Though it’s got the same 533MHz ARM9 processor as its wizardly predecessor , GamePark’s doubled the memory to 128MB, and added a dedicated 3D GPU to power the larger 3.5-inch touchscreen.

Acer’s LumiRead 600 hits the FCC with slow bursts of 2.4GHz radiation

Acer’s 6-inch LumiRead e-reader just hit the FCC, but there’s not a lot to learn — the company smartly withheld the user’s manual and detailed images, so all we have are the triplicate forms of stalwart government employees trying to irradiate themselves. Those thankfully painless tests reveal that the Kindle-alike will have standard 802.11b/g WiFi alongside its monochrome E Ink screen, and the whole 532MHz Freescale iMX357 kit will be powered by a 3.7V, 1460mAh battery.