Dell Streak / Mini 5 makes a cameo appearance at MTV

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the Dell Streak / Mini 5 , but it seems like the plus-size phone (or mini-size tablet, whichever you prefer) went on a bit of an undercover media promotion tour last week: Viacom MTV exec Greg Clayman tweeted that it’s “amazing,” while Rob Enderle brought one to the set of John C. Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks and said it would launch for around $300 on contract. What does it all mean?

Barnes & Noble promises B&N eReader app for iPad near launch

Need a bit more evidence that the e-book download business is a whole lot different than the music download business?

Study finds people want more from their Kindles, less from their newspapers

This may come as a surprise to you (although probably not, you smart devil), but it turns out that plenty of people are dissatisfied with their current e-reader options — according to a recent study conducted at the University of Georgia. The study was conducted over a six-month period where participants read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on a Kindle, then provided feedback. The results were, well — not entirely shocking

Apple rumor roundup: ‘the day before’ edition

We’ll just come right out and say it: we couldn’t possibly be happier to see that January 27, 2010 is tomorrow. Shortly after 10AM on the left coast, Stevie J himself will finally put a hush to the rumors that have been swirling constantly over the past fortnight or so (and we’ll be there live to cover it ).

Sony Reader Daily Edition starts shipping, gets more newspapers

Sony hedged its bets a bit in committing to ship date for its Reader Daily Edition when it first announced it, but it looks like it’s managed to get the first ones out the door on the early end of its December 18th to January 8th estimate, with the initial batch of pre-orders shipping today. Unfortunately, anyone that didn’t pre-order the e-reader is out of luck for the time being, as it’s now back-ordered with a new estimated ship date of January 15th

Study finds Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information per day

Well, it’s a good thing life comes with an unlimited data plan, as a recent study conducted by the University of California, San Diego has found that Americans consume plenty of gigabytes in the average day. Thirty-four gigabytes, to be specific, which translates to a grand total of of 3.6 zettabytes of information consumed by American households in 2008 (or 3.6 billion trillion bytes)