Amazon Kindle dual-screen e-reader patent granted, Barnes & Noble Nook potentially in trouble

Looks like the battle for e-reader dominance between Amazon and Barnes & Noble could soon expand beyond the recent spate of price drops and into the courtroom as well: the USPTO just granted a 2006 Amazon patent on e-readers with secondary LCD displays (like the original Kindle’s scroller-navigation panel ), and several of the claims are potentially broad enough to cover the Nook and many other devices with both electronic paper and LCD displays. What’s more, Amazon agreed not to file for any corresponding foreign patents during the four-year approval process and thus wasn’t required to publish the patent application — meaning this is likely a complete surprise to the entire industry

Graphite Kindle DX coming July 7th for $379, now available for pre-order

Amazon’s having a field day with its Kindle lineup as of late. Hot off the heels of its Kindle price drop , bigger brother Kindle DX has gotten a new shade, a touted 50 percent improved contrast, and a $379 price tag — much lower than the $489 it asked for when first hitting the scene

Mario live wallpaper for Android: better than a Tanooki Suit in the summer

Seriously, words cannot describe how incredibly entertained we are by this Mario Live wallpaper for Android 2.1 and above devices.

WiFi-only Nook surfaces in Barnes and Noble database, costs $149?

We knew it was coming , but not how soon, and we’d only guessed at a price. Today a tipster sent over this screenshot, however, clearly showing a Nook WiFi on Wednesday for $149

Interview: Chuck Pagano talks ESPN 3D, mobile streaming

During our time at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut this past week, we were able to peek inside every nook and cranny of the company’s technological side. We discovered some pretty remarkable things about the culture and attitude toward innovation, and while the bulk of that discovery will be seen in a forthcoming Engadget Show segment, we couldn’t help but share some insight from a kind fellow who has been deeply involved in the blinking lights portion of ESPN from day one. We sat down for a brief one-on-one interview with Chuck Pagano — ESPN’s executive vice president of technology — following the outfit’s 3D launch, and while we were both bitter over the 1-1 result in the South Africa vs

Pandigital Novel goes on sale, hopes you’ll take a look

It may not be the color e-reader that turns Amazon’s Kindle and the B&N Nook into relics, but Pandigital’s Novel is actually one of the more interesting me-toos to surface. Boasting a 7-inch LCD, 1GB of storage space (not to mention an SD / MMC card slot), integrated WiFi and access to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, the Novel is now on sale in at least a couple of places