Lenovo’s 3D IdeaPad Y560d laptop now available for multi-dimensionists

Television may be rotting the brain of existing generations, but it’s highly likely that 3D will indeed be the downfall of mankind. Or Double Stuff Oreo cokies, one

Pixel Qi netbook display replacement kit finally on sale

You’ve waited and waited and, let’s face it, waited for this day to arrrive. Now Pixel Qi’s 10.1-inch display is available for DIY types looking to swap out their LCD for a dual-mode reflective Qi display capable of slipping into a power-sipping e-paper mode that’s visible even in direct sunlight. It’s only certified to work with Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10-2 machines but we’re sure you’ll figure out how to slide this pup into the Acer or ASUS netbook of your dreams.

Microsoft hints at touchless Surface combining camera and transparent OLED (video)

We’ve always wondered whether Microsoft’s multitouch table would actually ever arrive , dreaming of Minority Report hijinx all the while, but after seeing what the company’s Applied Sciences Group is currently cooking up — a touchless telepresence display — we’d rather drop that antiquated pinch-to-zoom stuff in favor of what might be Surface’s next generation. Starting with one of Samsung’s prototype transparent OLED panels , Microsoft dropped a sub-two-inch camera behind the glass, creating a 3D gesture control interface that tracks your every move by literally seeing through the display. Combined with that proprietary wedge-shaped lens we saw earlier this month and some good ol’ Johnny Chung Lee headtracking by the man himself, we’re looking at one hell of a screen.

Acer Aspire 1551 hits retailers with 1.5GHz dual-core Turion II CPU

Looking for a netbook with a little more oomph, or perhaps a thin-and-light laptop that doesn’t break the bank? We’re not quite sure which category the Acer Aspire 1551-5448 falls under, but we reckon it’s liable to satisfy both camps with an 11.6-inch LED-backlit display and a 1.5GHz AMD Turion II Neo K625 CPU.

HP TouchSmart tm2t review

Let’s not forget that before “tablets” were all the rage there were, well, tablets. While most tablet PCs were — and still are — aimed at the business market, the HP TouchSmart tm2 (which began as the tx2000 ) was one of the first tablets for the average Joe. And despite rumors of a slate product and future WebOS devices, HP hasn’t given up on the tm2, and rightfully so.

Acer Aspire Timeline X laptops arrive stateside sans ULV processors

Acer’s Timeline X laptops have been popping up around the world for over three months now, but the thin and light machines are finally making their way to this side of the globe, and we can only hope they’re as excited as we are.