Android App Inventor lets you be the developer (video)

Google is following in Nokia’s footsteps today by offering its users a simple-to-use DIY app maker. Employing a design scheme that relies on visual blocks rather than oodles of arcane code, the App Inventor — still in Beta, of course — has functions for “just about anything” you can do with an Android handset, including access to GPS and phone functionality

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 becomes everyone’s favorite midrange graphics card

It’s rare to come across a universally lauded product nowadays, but NVIDIA’s fresh new GTX 460 is just that sort of exceptional creation.

Switched On: Photography is dead, long live photos

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On , a column about consumer technology. Portraying the digital still camera as an endangered species has been a popular pastime for years in the cellphone industry, and with the high-resolution stills and high-definition video capabilities of the latest round of smartphones, the argument is more convincing than ever when applied to the casual snapshot. But this week at the World Expo in Shanghai, Canon — a name synonymous with high-quality photography — offered a vision of a device that not only supersedes the digital still camera, but will likely eliminate photography as we know it.

Citrix enlists iPhone 4 in its quest for ‘Nirvana phone’ portable desktop client (video)

Critix has been touting its ” Nirvana phone ” concept — a handheld device that can be paired with a monitor / keyboard for remote desktop use — for quite some time now. Back in February, the minimum hardware specs were nothing to challenging, and as it turns out, Apple’s iPhone 4 pretty much exceeds ‘em by a long shot. And it has VGA out capabilities and Bluetooth keyboard support.

iPhone AT&T exclusivity lawsuit granted class-action certification, every AT&T iPhone customer included

Hey, remember that iPhone class-action lawsuit we poked around in a couple months ago and discovered Apple’s lawyers confirming the original five year AT&T exclusivity agreement ? Well, get ready to hear about it a lot more in the months to come, as the judge in the case has officially certified the case as a class action, meaning it now officially includes anyone who’s ever bought an iPhone on AT&T. If you’ll recall, the argument is that iPhone customers signed up for a two-year contract without being told that AT&T had an exclusive for five years — thus in reality being held to the carrier for an additional three years without recourse

HTC files seemingly confirm Mondrian, Mozart to be Windows Phone 7 handsets

We’d already had some indication that both the HTC Mondrian and Mozart would be Windows Phone 7 handsets, and it looks like that has now been all but confirmed by HTC itself. According to some XML files dug up on HTC’s own site by Conflipper , both devices list Internet Explorer Mobile 7 for the browser ID, which we can only assume won’t be making an appearance outside of Windows Phone 7 anytime soon. The files also confirm that each device will have a 800 x 480 display and a keyboard-less form factor, plus A2DP Bluetooth support, although there’s expectedly few details to be found beyond that.