BlackBerry 6 teased again in new official video

There have been rumors that the first volley of BlackBerry 6 -powered devices could launch as early as last month — but seeing how we’re still empty-handed, we may as well enjoy more high production value video pimping the biggest new features, right? RIM has published another official YouTube spot on BlackBerry 6 today showing off goodies likes aggregated social network integration, universal search, and — of course — the all-new WebKit-based browser coming out of last year’s purchase of Torch Mobile . Interestingly, this latest video continues RIM’s trend of showing 6 running only on full touchscreen phones; we can’t fathom that they’d abandon the form factor that made them famous, of course, but it’s becoming more and more obvious by the day that we’re going to see this launch on the rumored 9800 or something very similar to it

GamePark’s GP2X Caanoo handheld hits this August, picks up where the Wiz left off (video)

While we’re not sure just how we missed it, it seems GamePark was at E3 2010 in force, with a brand-new Linux gaming portable called the Caanoo. Though it’s got the same 533MHz ARM9 processor as its wizardly predecessor , GamePark’s doubled the memory to 128MB, and added a dedicated 3D GPU to power the larger 3.5-inch touchscreen.

Kompott ‘robotic agent’ helps the elderly stay connected, enjoys a nap

Full-fledged humanoid robots helping the elderly are certainly well and good, but what about somebody that just needs a little help staying in touch with their family?

Onkyo netbook gets covered inside and out with Miffy

Miffy (or Nijntje) is a small, Dutch, female rabbit who appears in picture books. How exactly she became a cultural hit in Japan we don’t know, but we do have a good idea how she found herself plastered all over this netbook: some combination of Onkyo having a bunch of extra C4 units lying around and Namco-Bandai having a Miffy license it wasn’t fully utilizing

Switched On: Photography is dead, long live photos

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On , a column about consumer technology. Portraying the digital still camera as an endangered species has been a popular pastime for years in the cellphone industry, and with the high-resolution stills and high-definition video capabilities of the latest round of smartphones, the argument is more convincing than ever when applied to the casual snapshot. But this week at the World Expo in Shanghai, Canon — a name synonymous with high-quality photography — offered a vision of a device that not only supersedes the digital still camera, but will likely eliminate photography as we know it.

HTC Aria update for AT&T enables mobile hotspot, sideloaded app support (update: disappointment)

Well, this is genuinely awesome: it seems AT&T is pulling back from its ban on third-party sideloaded apps on its Android devices, because HTC has just released an Aria update that enables them (either that or HTC just went rogue here, but we highly doubt it).