GamePark’s GP2X Caanoo handheld hits this August, picks up where the Wiz left off (video)

While we’re not sure just how we missed it, it seems GamePark was at E3 2010 in force, with a brand-new Linux gaming portable called the Caanoo. Though it’s got the same 533MHz ARM9 processor as its wizardly predecessor , GamePark’s doubled the memory to 128MB, and added a dedicated 3D GPU to power the larger 3.5-inch touchscreen.

Mysterious Dell Mini 3v outted by Chinese mobile regulator, doesn’t know its OS

Fancy playing a game of “guess the phone?” Dell’s got one for you — the folks over at Chinese mobile regulator TENAA have once again prematurely outed another handset from said computer giant. As usual, there’s no mention on the screen size, screen type or even the OS, but we’re told that this plain-looking Mini 3v runs on both TD-SCDMA (i.e. China Mobile ) and GSM networks (HSDPA supported)

Shear-thickening liquid hardens upon impact, makes for lighter and more effective body armor

Scientists at BAE Systems in Bristol, UK have come up with a “shear-thickening” (or dilatant) liquid that can be combined with Kevlar to create a new, more powerful bullet-proof material. Similar to the “body armor” used by some Olympic skiers , shear-thickening material acts as a lubricant at low velocities, but quickly hardens upon impact.

Qualcomm demos augmented reality and peer-to-peer tech, tries to punch cellular gaming’s block off (video)

It’s just a tablecloth and a piece of paper, until you pull out a Nexus One , at which point it magically becomes an arena where toy robots fire off punches.

Alleged Russian spies used WiFi and pre-paid cellphones, got caught anyways

Are the new crop of Russian spies nerds like us? We doubt it (we probably have more in common with Lil Wayne than a certain “Anna Chapman,” if that is her real name). How do they do their dirty work, then?

Brite-View launches CinemaGo BV-5005HD Mini CG HD media player

Brite-View’s CinemaTube may have sufficed just fine for your home entertainment needs last year, but there’s nothing like a little “Special Edition” to really get the gears turning in 2010.